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Welcome to Zion Korean United Methodist Church.

Zion Korean-Intercultural UMC is a warm-hearted church that welcomes and cares for “everyone” as disciples of Jesus Christ.
to testify of the gospel of Jesus Christ,

It is a healthy neighborhood church that works and learns for the love, justice, and peace of the kingdom of God that Jesus showed.

We invite you on a pilgrimage to walk together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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Sundays at 12:00 p.m. we gather indoors, safely socially distant.

If you cannot join us in person, we also stream the service live on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook page.

Sunday Worship : 12pm (noon)

Sunday School : 12pm (noon)

Saturday Bible Study : 9am (Zoom)

Address : 35 Kilvert St. Warwick,
RI 02886
(3 minutes walk in front of the airport)

Phone : 617-678-9901

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Meet our Pastor >>>


Born in Korea, was raised in a Christian family. As a pastor’s kid, Christian faith and the church had an integral part of his life. Just like most believers, he also had a time of spiritual wandering and struggle through which he has realized that God had never ceased to love him even during the time of his doubts and anger toward God. With God’s grace, Rev. Go continued his spiritual journey. 

Rev. Yohan Go


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